Baptist Women’s Ministry
This is a ministry of women within the body of Christ to pray fervently for missionaries, to teach the younger women by Word and by example, to support the Girls in Action and Mission Friends, to visit the sick and collectively comfort the hurting. They are responsible for two annual offerings for North American and International missions. They are an additional outreach/teaching/fellowship ministry of service to the local community.

Finance Ministry
This ministry consists of five members, including the treasurer and four members elected at large by the church. It considers the financial condition of the church and works closely with the treasurer to arrange for payment of the obligations of the church and conduct all other necessary affairs in dealing with the financial matters of the church. The ministry prepares and monitors the annual budget and carefully considers the quarterly reports of the treasurer.

Food/Fellowship Ministry
This ministry helps provide food for church gatherings related to baptisms, business meetings, fifth Sunday singspirations and various holiday activities. The work is accomplished through several sub-teams with rotating responsibilities. If you have a heart for facilitating fellowship and the gift of service, then this is your ministry.

Girls In Action Ministry
Girls In Action (GAs) is a mission organization for girls in 1st through 6th grade. As we meet each Wednesday night, 7:00-8:00 PM, we learn about, pray for, give to and do missions. We also participate in the work of our church. We have been reminded through our GA lessons that despite different cultures and preconceived ideas of the different peoples of the world, Jesus loves us all and the gift of salvation is for all…and that is why missions is so important! Our GAs have fun together, develop special relationships and are making mission memories by the things we learn and projects we do.

Harmony Hall Ministry
A ministry to Harmony Hall Nursing and Rehab Center, located at 317 Rhodes Ave. in Kinston, is provided each month by members of the church. A time of devotion, prayer, singing, testimonies and fellowship is made available to all interested residents. You are invited to join us every second Sunday at 2:30 PM for this church wide ministry opportunity.

Home/Hospital Visitation Ministry
This ministry team provides much needed care and support for our family and friends that are in the hospital, nursing homes or “shut-ins” at home. They ensure these individuals know that they are not only important to and loved by God, but by their church family as well. Not only do they provide spiritual care to those visited but they are an avenue by which physical needs can be identified and met as well.

Library Ministry
A well-stocked library is provided for the church family’s use. It is maintained by the Library Ministry Team and is open to members before, during and after all scheduled church services and is a self-help resource center.

Mission Friends Ministry
This is a great Wednesday evening program for young children, ages 3 to 5 (through Kindergarten year). During our one hour sessions, we learn Bible verses, study God’s Word and have a good time as we learn about missions and missionaries in ways a young child can understand. Mission Friends children learn how important it is to love Jesus and to share His love with others.

Music Ministry
Music is a vital part of a worship service. We have an adult choir, a praise team and several volunteer musicians. The adult choir presents special music just about every Sunday. This grouping is usually high school age and above. They practice on Sunday evenings at 5:30 PM just before the evening service. This assembly offers a musical production about twice a year. They have performed their cantata for Christmas or Easter in as much as a half dozen different places in a given season.

The praise team, Boundless Grace, is still rather new for our congregation but has grown to the point that they provide special music at least two times a month on Sunday mornings. They practice on Thursday evenings at 6:30 PM.

The music ministry and services would not be complete without musicians. We are blessed to have several individuals to alternate playing the piano and organ. And, in our modern era, we have some recorded music. We are again blessed as this recorded music does not play itself. Our congregation has quite a few dedicated individuals that work behind the scenes in the audio visual room during every service.

Royal Ambassadors Ministry
The Royal Ambassadors (RAs) is a mission education opportunity for boys in grades 1 through 6. The focus is on one virtue each month through our mission stories, Bible verses and other activities. The five virtues covered throughout the program include: loyalty, friendship, courage, responsibility and honesty.

Secret Sister Ministry
The Secret Sisters, AKA Growing and Loving Sisters (GALS), organize annually and draw names to provide for each other throughout the year and then reveal themselves in early December. A GAL is a fellow Christian that holds her secret sister up in prayer daily and provides her with notes of encouragement or small gifts monthly. Quarterly meetings are held which include devotions, discussions and refreshments. GALS strive to impart outreach as God leads, for example: 1) The group has adopted Marissa’s Orphans in Puerto Lempira, Honduras, and provides a quarterly love offering to that ministry to help feed malnourished orphans and 2) Monthly meetings to deliver tokens of love to nearby hospitals, nursing homes and shut-ins.

Special Events Ministry
This ministry prayerfully plans and facilitates activities that will offer fun and entertainment, enhance spiritual growth, provide opportunities for outreach and strengthen the bonds of fellowship within the church body. This ministry also participates in decorating needs and provides assistance to other ministries when requested.

Sunday School Ministry
Sunday School is held every Sunday morning at 9:30 AM. We offer classes for all ages, from birth and up. We have a fine group of teachers who prepare lessons each week. Every opportunity is yours to be a part of a Sunday morning discussion. Our teachers welcome your feedback and opinions. Please join us as we explore the bible and share our thoughts and beliefs.

TeamKIDS Ministry
TeamKIDS is for children in grades 1 through 6 and is held on Sunday nights at 7:00 PM. The sessions include prayer, Bible stories and related activities. Fun and games are incorporated into the learning activities to reinforce the lessons and children are encouraged and challenged to learn weekly memory verses.

Welcome Ministry
Through this ministry all new members receive a personal visit and welcome package that includes critical information about the church’s policies and procedures, membership directory and service opportunities. Team members, through their visits, foster the sense of community and belonging and “welcome” the newcomers into our family.

Youth Ministry
Youth are the love’s blood of any church and we understand that and seek to create an exciting and uplifting environment that is conducive to today’s young people. The ministry, led by our Pastor of Children and Youth, is handled by a team of volunteers that fully believe in and execute the five purposes of the Church. We do this so our students are exposed to God-centered worship, teaching, evangelism (telling others about Jesus), ministry (fulfilling the needs of our own members) and fellowship.

In practice, the purposes are split and emphasized on two separate nights. On Sunday night at 6:30 PM, we come together for a meal, listen to Christian music, play games and just hang out. On Wednesday night at 7:00 PM, we separate the youth into boys and girls and we have gender appropriate teaching by their respective mentors; men teach the boys and women teach the girls.

In addition to our twice weekly scheduled meetings, we have many opportunities to go into the community for service projects, outreach events and exciting adventures to just get away and bond!

Worship Opportunities

8:00am - Barrus Road Outreach (BRO)
9:30am – Small Groups/Sunday School
10:45am – Vernon Avenue Fellowship (VAF)
10:45am - Worship Our Way (Children's Church)

6:00pm - 8:00pm - Teen Church
6:30pm - Small Group Studies
7:00pm - TeamKID

6:45pm – Prayer Session
7:00pm – Adult Bible Study, GA’s, RA’s, Mission Friends, and Acteens